Ingrid Kesper has worked as a freelance artist for many years. In addition to her present profession in the personnel sector, the artist, who was born in Hamburg, has always taken a keen interest in painting, which she has approached in an autodidactic manner, seizing various opportunities to study free painting, from which her passion for creative artistic work soon developed. Her main interest is abstract painting, which is so impressive because of its multiplicity of facets.

Since the beginning of her artistic career, she has concentrated on free painting with acrylic paints and techniques of superimposing different colours. Paint brushes, palette knives, sand, paper, and also pastel chalk are important tools of her creativity.

Ingrid Kesper’s art thrives entirely on the strength of colour and her passion for the abstract, and represents her artistic appreciation of the latest contemporary art. The colour compositions, which appear very harmonious and, at the same time, also very lively and powerful, send the observer on an expedition - expressive works, the fascination of which it is difficult to escape. The tension between areas of colour, where much of the artist’s temperament can be sensed, exists side by side with harmonious colour compositions.

Ingrid Kesper’s works exude optimism, joie de vivre and harmony, and encounter an enthusiastic audience.